Losing Myself

This page is to track my weight loss for 2012.

I have recently been put on a doctor prescribed medication to help with weight loss.  I have no problem working out (TKD or possibly at work) and eating ok (not great, but ok) and my problem is eating TOO much!

I was afraid to use on the of OTC weight loss pills, for fear that I may hurt my body, so when I went to my yearly doctor's appointment last month I asked about being put on something that they can monitor.

So, today (January 2, 2012) I started the regimine and have a follow up appointment with my doctor on February 6 to make sure that it is NOT hurting me.

We'll see how this goes, and I will set up a tracker to show my weight loss successes.

My goal, lose 50lbs.

How I will do this:
Precription medicine
Weight Watchers.com (I've been paying for it, I may as well USE it!)
and hopefully, YOU!  I need help, and I'm hoping you all will kick my butt if I don't do something, or I do something bad.  You will be my motivation :)

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LBC Teacher said...

A few ideas that have helped me:
1. I've been drinking green tea everyday this year. It's better than the diet soda I would normally reach for, and there's some research to say that green tea promotes weight loss. Def good for you either way.
2. I have been working out using my Play Station with a game called Active2. It's AWESOME. Only twentyish minutes, four days a week. It's a full body workout, and I've been sore after each one. If you have a video game console, I highly recommend it.
3. I just bought a pedometer, and I plan to wear it everyday and aim for 10,000 steps each day. I think this will boost my activity, and every little bit helps!

Good luck, and you can do it!