April 3, 2009

The Beginning of the End…of Debt!

After reading and following a few blogs on the reduction and elimination of debt, I decided to start blogging again.

While I have started and stopped a few blogs, this one has a real purpose rather than just updates on my life here and there. If I want to do that I can twitter or facebook…which I do!

So a little bit about this blog and what it's about. I'm sure you've figured out what it's mostly about…reducing and eliminating our credit card debt. When I say 'our' that would be my husband and I.

Here's where we stand right now:

CC Debt: $17, 461

Now, here's the other side of our debt…I have Canadian debt that I am paying off. Husband will help me more when we get our US debt under control.

Can CC Debt: $28,548CDN

The Canadian debt is going to hurt for a while. And the only good thing about it being Canadian is that right now, the exchange rate is not bad, so I actually make some pretty high monthly payments!

Husband and I make pretty good money. I'm hourly, working in IT and Hubby is salaried working as a gov't contractor. Plus, Husband just got a nice promotion with a raise at work, so that will definitely help with the reduction and elimination, as well as helping to build our savings. We are looking to buy a house and having more for a down payment will always help.

Well, that's my introduction, I hope to be able to post our ups and downs, so that we can be jubilant and learn from all of it, as well as perhaps helps others who may be where we are now. I know that some of the bloggers I have been reading, have definitely been an inspiration to me.

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