June 29, 2011

No Spend Update

I made my goal yesterday! 10 for the month, and today should be another. I will definitely have to spend on Thursday. Need to fill my prescription and I need to pick up a few other items. I've decided to save money, I'm going to see about rearranging the storage shed we have, so that I don't have to get a storage unit. I'd rather have my items near me anyway.

J just laughed at me when I told him. So now I have motivation to do it! I need to get more storage boxes so that moisture, and bugs can't get in. The containers we have now work good, but they don't really stack well, which has actually caused a couple of tumbles. The boxes I have bought stack really well, and I should be able to get quite a bit of our stuff packed away. Plus, with us looking to move, it's a good opportunity to start organizing and purging some of the things we don't need. Maybe a yard sale is in the future!

Pay day is tomorrow and Friday! Monthly debt and goal updates to follow :)


~Carla~ said...

Good job on hitting your no spend goal! :) I just started a "Fiscal fast" for the week... Wish me luck! lol!

Rafiki said...

Congrats on making the goal. Woot Woot!

jpkittie said...

awesome!!! good job!

LBC Teacher said...

I know for me that everytime I go through my stuff I find more things for Goodwill...even if I just went through stuff the month before. Hopefully you can purge and not have a storage unit! Good luck!