July 5, 2011

Good Start to July

This month is turning out to be pretty good so far!  I know, I know, we're only 5 days in, but in 5 days I will have 4 no spend days! 

I thought it was going to be a rough start, on Saturday I somehow pulled my back and both of my knees were really sore.  After so many years of injuries, I'm about done with pain, so it was a bit depressing this weekend.  But, on the bright side, that's why I have a good start on the no spends haha.  Have to find a positive somewhere :)

Back to work tonight, off tomorrow and then work Thursday and Friday.  I have this whole weekend off, so I am going to spend Sunday at the Manassas Battlefield with a good friend of mine whom I haven't seen in a couple of years.  Should be a good day, weather is looking ok (hope it stays that way).

All the bills have been paid, now it's just a matter of keeping busy (without spending too much) and waiting for the next pay day and pay offs :)

Hope you all had a great 4th of July!


Rafiki said...

Sorry to hear about the pain and hope it subsides fully soon. Awesome start to the month though.

Mysti said...

Manassas? I grew up in Fairfax County!

Little Lamb said...

Hope you are feeling all better!!!

Krystin said...

Not feeling too bad. Probably just pulled something in my back. Knees still hurt,but they always will :) Thanks for the good thoughts.

Mysti, I'm in Clarke county (transplant though, originally from the Toronto, ON area) :)

jpkittie said...

wow - that really is a great start to the month - and hope the aches & pains go away quickly!