March 14, 2012

Another Canadian CC Payment Made...Finally!

So we were paid last week.  And on Monday I did a remote deposit to one bank to transfer the money to my Canadian account.  What I used to do was an ACHO (basically an external transfer) from one bank to the next, and it would be there the next morning and available.  Well, since my bank which is connected to my Canadian one went through a transition a few weeks ago and the routing number changed.  So now the routing number isn't being recognized by my Navy account so no more ACHO for the time being.

Ok no problem. The transition included remote deposit, meaning I could just write a check from my accounts and deposit it in there.  The only problem is that now I have to wait for the check to clear before they will make it available.
I deposited two checks.  One for $3000 and one for $1100.  Both checks cleared yesterday.  But when I looked at my account, they weren't available to use.  So on the phone I get. And I hate calling if I can avoid it (mainly because that's what I do for my job), but in this case I needed to know what was going on.  I waited for a good 15 minutes on hold and finally got a representative.  When I asked when the hold would be released, I was told on the 19th.....Monday.  Uh, ok.  Since I work at Navy, and I know if a check has cleared, we can release the float and make the money available. So that's what I requested, and sure enough, she went ahead and did it! Yay!

So off my money went to Canada (stupid exchange rate....sure, when I move down here, the Canadian Dollar becomes worth something *evil eyes*)
And I made a $4000 payment to my MBNA account.
Balance when it will hit will be $8736

When it clears at MBNA, I will do a big update with all of the accounts we have. Most likely by Friday.

Hope your week is going well and that you have weather like I have (currently 73deg)
Have a great day! :)


Niki said...

Yay! It's nice that you know some of the ends and outs of banking.

So excited about some warm weather, fo' sho!

Rafiki said...

That is pretty awesome when you know the tricks of the trade, it makes life so much easier and you are less likely to be pushed around.

You really have been knocking off your debt like nothing I've seen before.