April 1, 2012

Just Keep Moving, Just Keep Moving

Sorry for the lack of posting the past week or so.  We have a House!!!

The closing went off without a hitch.  It only took an hour and half for me to sign my name and then J's name and then my name again as the power of attorney.  My wrist hurt afterwards.
It's amazing how much paperwork needs to be signed and so much of it is repetitive or the mortage company/VA covering their own butts.

But that's ok, because we have a HOUSE!!!! lol

I've been moving boxes and containers over since then (we own a lot of crap, and not things that I can just purge as most of it is for our re-enacting. I told J that most of it is going to be stored in the garage until he comes home and then we need to organize, document and take pictures of it all for insurance and sanity purposes.  I can't tell you how many times we've been packing for an event and we can't find an item because it could be in any one of the 5 million containers we have that would be stacked 4 high in the shed or up in the crawlspace/attic (and the attic would be 100+ degrees so you'd have to shower after going up there because you sweat just going up there and not moving....think sauna). This is funny to think and write about, but in real life it sucks lol.

I've been thinking about hiring a company to come and steam clean the carpets, or renting one myself.  But since I've never done it, I'm not sure how well that would go.  Has anyone used either service?

I also have to start thinking about window treatments, because the sellers took all of them, when they were to supposed to convey.
My realtor and their agent were going to give me $100 each (which my realtor still hasn't given to me, and I haven't heard from since we closed.)  I'll need to contact him to get that (I think he said he was going to get a giftcard from Lowes)

Anyway, things are 'moving' along :P

Have a great week! I'm off to work today (boooooo)


jpkittie said...

congrats! I am so excited for you!!!

Rafiki said...

Totally awesome. I can't believe you own your own home already. You've moved so fast, first you were paying off credit cards left and right and then just like that, you've become a homeowner. I know it took a lot of sacrifice from both you and J to come this far and I think it is truly amazing, just a little bit more and you will be happily together with all of your accomplishments. It's been amazing so far.