August 23, 2012

Post Surgery And Doing Ok

*Warning there are some graphic details below about my surgery*

I had my achilles reconstruction surgery on Tuesday.  I was the first one scheduled for the day, and had to be at the University of Virginia Medical Center at 6am.  I finished work at 1:30am and got home at 2am.  We had to leave by 4am to get there on time (we were late anyway due to fog and hubby getting a little lost).
So needless to say, I was exhausted before the surgery even started.

They did all the fun stuff before knocking me out.  I was going to be only 'half' knocked out, not a full knock out since they put a block in my knee.  Kind of like an epidural for my leg!
But, they found out I was going to be prone (on my stomach) for the surgery, so they had to change to a full knockout with breathing tube and all.

Last thing I remember after being wheeled into the OR was "you're going to feel a warm sensation in your IV......." and then waking up in recovery with something in my eye. Never did find out what it was, but that was a pain (literally!).

Surgery didn't go as planned.  They were supposed to cut 3cm of my achilles tendon off to remove the calcification and do a Y incision reconstruction.  In non medical terms, they were going to cut my remaining tendon in a Y and stretch it down and reattach it.
Turns out that because my condition was so bad, that when he cut my achilles off, it was so tight that he couldn't stretch it down to reattach because it left a 6cm gap so he had to harvest a tendon from my big toe. No big deal unless I was a sprinter!

After recovery we left for home.  On the way I had to go to the bathroom so bad, so J stopped at a rest stop on I-81.  We don't have my temporary handicap tag yet but J didn't care, in fact I think he parked in the "State Police Only" spot.  The Handicap was right beside it too! lol

Here's my complaint.  I may not have all been there yet, but Handicap parking should NOT be as far away from the building as it was! PLUS, the handicap bathroom was the furthest from the bathroom door, and when I was leaving the bathroom (as someone had held the door for me going in) I went to push the 'switch' to open the door...and it DID NOT WORK.  Disgusting.

I was even more exhausted just from that.

The rest of the day was pretty much a write off.  After eating something and taking my pain medication, I went up to bed and stayed there until yesterday around 3pm.
J stayed home for me again.  He's been so good at taking care of me.

J also started school yesterday.  This should be fun for him!

I came downstairs and stayed on the couch until he came home from class and then back upstairs to bed (getting upstairs is fun! Um, NO).

Tory obviously knew I was not myself. Me laying on the couch and Tory laying on me.

I have been down on the couch since J left for work this morning and I finally feel normal.
And I'm not in as much pain as I thought I would be, which is good.  I hope that the healing goes well, and I can walk sooner rather than later.

Note, if you are going to have any kind of foot surgery, buy a Knee Walker.  It has been awesome at getting around downstairs.


Niki said...

Hoping for a quick recovery for you! It doesn't sound fun in the least bit but at least you have a good cuddly friend with you!

444 said...

Hope you're "up and running" (OK, feeling better) soon. I've seen those knee walkers and they look pretty cool.

Tanner said...

What an ordeal. Hope you feel better soon! It sounds like quite the painful surgery.

jpkittie said...

here's hoping for a quick recovery! that sounds painful!!!!

Louise said...

hope you get well quickly, Tory is just gorgeous!

Out My window said...

Oh, my Achilles tendon surgery as a dancer this is the worst. Hope all goes well. Do your therapy.

Jerry said...

Glad you're ok but sorry the surgery didn't go as planned. Take it easy otherwise it might lead to a longer recovery. Hope your insurance took care of everything, too, otherwise that's other pain to deal with!