October 9, 2012

Who Invited This Murphy Guy????

Not our furnace/AC but looks very similar!
Why is it, when something happens to your home, as a homeowner, the first thing people say to you is "Welcome to Homeownership!" J must have heard it 15 times yesterday.  I think he must have been initiated now into the 'homeownership club'. 

On Sunday we returned from Gettysburg after having a nice day up there.  It was cold, and rainy and when we came inside, it was 65deg.  We decided to take a bit of the cold and dampness out, we would turn the heat on.
Heat turned on, and the furnace would not turn over or ignite.  The motor would run, just no heat.
Great.  We tried a couple of 'fixes' we found on the interwebs but nothing, nada, no heat.

Thank goodness when we bought the home, a Home Warrenty was included.  It's $100 deductible per trade call.  Put in the service request at 9pm and by 8am the next morning we had the company that would be providing service.
Instead of waiting for them to call us, I called them.  I Was COLD.  Sleeping was fun.  It was a lot colder than 65deg upstairs and it did get into the 30s that night.
They put us on a urgent list, but the earliest they could get in was today.
The tech has come and gone. And I have heat.  The Pressure Switch went on it.

Apparently, our furnace is crap, and is only good for about 10 years. The house is 7 years old.
We asked for a quote for a replacement, a TRANE. Right now, if we go with the same capacity that we have now, it would be $5700 which includes a $1500 rebate and all labor.
We may do this in the Spring....but knowing that the system sucks, and that we've only lived here for 7 months sucks too.

Oh well, Welcome to Homeownership!


Tanner said...

Ha, isn't that the true... though I'm sure most people will only go over and over the benefits of home ownership and just bring out the bad when it comes. Kind of like a 'got-cha!' moment. Glad you got the heat back up.

~Carla~ said...

Ouch!! :( Those things aren't cheap are they?! :( glad you have heat once again!

Jerry said...

Homeownership is not too bad. As long as you can afford the insurance, mortgage and repairs, etc. it does lead to a pretty good investment in my opinion.