November 6, 2012

Hello November!

Wow, where to begin, so much has been going on.

My achilles is doing really well.  I go back for my 6 week post-cast follow up on November 15.  I was put into a walking boot on October 1 and to be honest, once I realized that I could walk again and I felt comfortable, I started wearing the boot only when I was going out or at work.
At home I have been walking around like normal (or semi-normal). Walking down stairs was slow, but now I can bend my foot and actually go one step at a time.
I still have no strength in my foot, so no tippy-toes yet.  I hope to start physio here soon and build up my calf muscle again.

When I last left off, Murphy had paid a visit with the furnace and thankfully it was an easy fix with only the news that we may want to start looking at replacing it in the near future.
Well, Murphy has decided that he's not done with us yet.
We have 2 Electrical outlets that don't work.  One of them is located outside on the front of the house.  I am going to need these soon for Christmas lights. So we will put in a trade call for that.
Our Fridge is leaking.  We have a giant pool of water at the bottom of the fridge that if left, makes the fridge run warmer.  The icemaker is also leaking and makes for a really cool ice sculpter, but not so good for the freezer.  Another $100 trade call.

And finally, when we were looking at the furnace (when it wasn't working) one of the downstacks for the rough-in bathroom downstairs has evidence of leaking.  How did I know?  I grabbed the stack and it was nasty, sticky, and you can see 'dried' evidence of leaks.  Gross? Yes.  Not a huge deal, as it wasn't wet so we were waiting on that trade call.  Well the waiting is over.  We bought a nice new dining room set on Sunday and when I was setting up the Afghan rug J brought home from deployment I happened to look up.  And saw this:

It is right below where our master bathroom toilet is. So most likely the wax ring needs replacement.  But so will the ceiling that is damaged, because I do not want any mold or nastiness living there.
So, another $100 trade call.  We'll knock this out here in the next few days.

This month will probably fly by just like the rest of the year has.
Next week will be a nice short week for me.  Thursday my dr. appointment, Friday Saturday and Sunday J and I will be meeting my parents in Atlantic City for the weekend.  J and I went up there in October for a night.  We didn't win, but we didn't spend more than we had planned to 'lose'.  I think we did ok though.  Our rooms for this month at Caesar's are comped and we have RFB (Room, Food and Beverage).  Essentially, our room, any food and drink are also comped. 
Not only that, but we planned to go to Las Vegas next April for my birthday.  Our room at Paris is also comped for 5 nights already.  This is based on 1 night of play. We must have done something right....or wrong LOL
Wish us luck!


Out My window said...

Poor Krystin you need less minnie disasters, they add up to expensive. Glad the foot is doing well!

ND Chic said...

I think you should look at finding a handyman. Most of the repairs sound relatively easy and if a handyman can fix them, it will be much cheaper than getting a plumber or electrician.

Krystin said...

I agree and normally I would just hire a handyman, but the problems are covered by our home warrenty and the work they do. So if they find something 'big' all I am responsible for is the trade call, which is $100 each. For example, if they cannot fix the fridge, I get a new one.