April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Just a short blog to say Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates...or in my case: 'Celebrates' :P

Since Husband is working both days this weekend, it will give me an excuse to do some cooking. I went and bought a small turkey. I was going to just do a turkey breast, but the turkey was on sale, so it ended up costing me less for an entire turkey rather than just the turkey breast!
Plus, I LOVE turkey, so any excuse to eat it is fine by me!

Some financial news for us. Since Hubby is working on a super long project and is getting 'overtime' (He's salaried so normally doesn't get paid for overtime) we'll be able to make a nice dent into some of the payments we need to make this month and next.
I'd like to make out Car Insurance Bill in two payments rather than the 4 that we normally do. Then we'll have 4 months of the extra $150 we normally pay to put towards our other debt. Our Renters Insurance has around $200 left on it, so I'd like to half that as well. Then we can knock it out next month and not have to worry about it until February 2010.
Also, Hubby only has two more payments for my engagement ring. I'd LIKE to pay it off this month, but it's a toss up between that and the Car Insurance. The payment is only $111 a month, and since next month's payment will be the last, I'm not worried too much about the interest on it. Although, I should give them a call and see what it would be to make a Final Payment. If it's something we can do, get them to send a Final Payment statement and just get rid of that payment for good. One thing we can scratch off from our debt list!

I'll let you know what we decide to do.

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