April 18, 2009

Doing What It Takes

I have been reading Tricia's postings over at Blogging Away Debt since last September (I think I went and read all of her posts in the span of three days) and was so inspired to start eliminating our CC Debt. Now that Tricia is almost at the end of her debt journey, Beks will be taking over and starting her own journey is eliminating her debt. I feel what Beks is feeling. We're around the same age and going through some of the same things.

One of these similarities revolves around this one post (one of her first). I too have felt that sadness about the job I had been working. I too have my honours degree from a Canadian University and I feel like I'm not using it to my fullest ability.
When I was working at Home Depot, making $9.50/hr (CDN) and getting yelled at constantly by customers, I had many a rough day where I really wanted to quit. I did eventually get to do that, but only because I was moving to the US. Now, I'm working in a completely different industry than before, or what my degree is in. I'm making ok money though. I know eventually I will too quit this job, but to go back to school to gain more education in the direction I want to go with the job I want. It definitely won't pay as much as I'm making now, but I know I will be happy doing what I love to do.
One reason I haven't done this yet, is because of our debt. I don't want to put ourselves into a financial hole by not being able to pay our bills because I want something. This is one want that I have to put back on the shelf. But, it will come down one day :)

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