October 30, 2009

Trying to start again, but difficult times lay ahead

So since my last post, of inspiration to start saving, I have been essentially laid off from work, and have been collecting partial unemployment in Virginia.
I went from working close to 24-30hours a week to 8 (at most).

Thank goodness my husband has a good, and most importantly Stable, job, but we had to pull a loan out from his 401(k) to help us through this time. Which included some major dental surgery.

I have applied to countless jobs, and the only one I've had an interview for is a part time not so well paying job, but it's one that I would actually enjoy doing.

So who knows what the future may hold for my 'current' job of 8 hours. Things may pick back up again in the new year, and they may not. I just hope that something out there will come along and we can get back to reducing our debt.

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