August 18, 2009

ING Referral Links

For a while now I have been wondering about ING savings, as I had seen other bloggers using them. I know that my mom has one up in Canada, but since she's in Canada I couldn't use her referral link.
Plus, DH and I really didn't have any savings to speak of, so opening up the account would have been useless.
Recently though, we have started to build up savings, in the hopes that we will be able to have a nice down payment for a home in the not so distant future.

One night while perusing the introweb, I was lucky enough to find an ING referral link that wasn't used or expired, and have deposited half of our savings in there, with the premise that it will not be touched, and left the other half with our regular bank account in case of emergencies.

I would now like to offer these referrals to you! The best thing about these referrals is that if you open a savings account (was very simple to open, just need all of your personal information and a checkbook from the account you will be transferring from) and you deposit a minimum of $250 in your initial deposit, you will receive $25, and I will get a $10 referral bonus. So everyone wins, and you money begins to accumulate interest right away! Right now, their yield is 1.4% which is a lot nicer than what most banks offer in their savings accounts. Our savings only yields 0.4%.

Here are the links! If you see this message in BLUE: Start savings with a great rate. To receive your $25 bonus, open and fund your Orange Savings Account with at least a $250 initial deposit at the top of the page, the link is good and useable!
Note: if the link is no longer good, you MUST clear your cookies before trying another link!

Edited: All Links Expired

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