November 18, 2010

Back to the Grind

Wow, so it has been quite a while I guess! Things are about the same since I last posted regarding our debt. We've lost some and gained some. The biggest difference is that I now work full time for a very large financial institution. I was hired in March and am now in training to, funnily enough, take applications which will put people in debt! Knowing what I know about credit and debt though it will be interesting, plus it's a pay increase so I'm not going to complain :P

I'm looking forward to getting back into tracking and paying down the debt once again. On Saturday we plan to go and by Quicken 2011 (upgrade from 2009) I see that they now have within the program a debt payoff tab, which I am hoping will help me see a visual of what we're actually doing rather than just throwing money at our debts.

I'll also need to recompile everything to find out the numbers again.

Don't know if anyone will actually read this, but it's fun for me to get it out there, and not have to hold it all in.


TJ said...

Hey! Just a word about Quicken (past the 2009) version. If you liked the Monthly expenses tab easily accessible and easy to monitor, then don't be ditching that 2009 version just yet. The 2010 didnt include it, even though over 60% of the people complained about it. I don't believe the 2011 has it either (at least not easily accessible). I was very excited for the 2010 version and upgraded as soon as it became available, only to have all of my files held hostage to the 2010 version (your files get converted when you open them in a new version and CANNOT be opened in the old version). So save a copy, try 2011 out, and if it doesnt work out, you can always go back. I know I did.

Other than that, best of luck with your journey!

Admin said...


I had actually stopped using 2009 so my file was really outdated. If I had used it more, I probably wouldn't have updated. I just started fresh.....and I don't know where I saved the Quicken start up file since I have moved to a different computer!

Appreciate your comments! It's amazing how if you know people are reading you're motivated to actually accomplish your goals :P