November 20, 2010

Quicken 2011 Fun

Yesterday the hubby and I went to Best Buy and purchased the lastest version of Quicken 2011. I had originally started using Quicken in 2009, but fell off the wagon of using it religiously. I couldn't get my accounts to Quick Connect, and it became a pain to do it manually.
This version, thankfully I'm able to connect both of my credit union's checking accounts without having to do it manually.

The other reason we upgraded was the Debt Reduction Planner (DRP). After doing some tweaking and a little frustration, I finally got it to work.
If I had continued to pay the debt we have (which I have updated on the sidebar) the way I had been doing, we would be out of debt by 04/2016. If I follow the DRP we'll be out of debt (including the auto payment) by 09/2013 and save $4000 in interest! This does not include the CDN debt that I have. The one CC that I have in Canada had raised their minimum payment exponentially (not something I did, I've never been late or missed a payment, this is for all account holders) but it's bring down the principal with each payment, so I'm letting it be for now.

Needless to say, I'm working my budget to figure out how to set this DRP in motion. Saving $4000 and getting out of debt 2.5years early sounds pretty good to me!

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