December 16, 2010

Almost Payday and Promotion

As I mentioned in a previous post, I was promoted to a new position at work. I cannot say where I work, but I am in the financial industry and it's a pretty large credit union (take what you want from that :P) I work in the call center and take credit card and loan applications. What better motivation to get rid of our debt! It's sad really sometimes and can be hard to tell people they have been declined.

Christmas plans are going....ok. My MIL is coming this weekend and it's going to be a mad scramble to get everything ready for her, but it will be worth it. J hasn't spent Christmas with his mom in years. J still has shopping to do for me, and we have to shop for his mom, plus stockings but everything is budgeted for and we'll be ok.

I did have a scare yesterday. Our electric bill. $259!!! I was so worried that I would have to cut our Christmas budget down, knowing that it wasn't great to begin with, but the good news is that we can pay it on time and not have to cut anything! I'm pretty proud of that :)

Well, J just came downstairs, and declared it is snowing out. YAY! Being Canadian I LOVE when it snows. I hope it stays for Christmas, or that we get even more ;)


TJ said...

Indeed, what better motivation than working with people day in and day out that are sometimes in harder situations than you are. Almost-congrats on your promotion!

We're 'scheduled' to get some snow today... but being in the Eastern shore of the US, snow is not that common. Even if we do get snow, it'll be less than one inch (It's scheduled to snow for 6hrs). :(

Jolie said...

Spoken like a true Canuck :-). Glad you have a bit of the white stuff to put you in the spirit.