December 7, 2010

Christmas Snowflakes!

Yesterday was my day off from my Full Time job, and since I wasn't so burned out from my 40hr week I decided to work for my old job.
Yesterday was fun in that I found out that my boss had hired someone Full Time and hadn't told me (he hired the person back in Sept or Oct!) I mention they were FULL TIME???? When I worked for this other person, I had been promised and promised time and time again that I would eventually go full time, which never happened and eventually was put down to 8hours a week.
I even have written proof from my boss that I would be going Full Time by May 2008. HA! I'm about ready to tell this boss that I don't need him anymore and that he can take his crappy job that I barely work anymore and...well I'm too nice to really say what I'm thinking :P

Anyway, so as I wasn't at my regular job yesterday, I missed the email from our President letting us know that we would be receiving a $300 Christmas gift! After bonus taxes it comes out to just over $184. You wouldn't believe how many people were complaining about how little it was. Excuse me???? This is $184 I didn't have yesterday. And I'm sorry, but they didn't have to give this to us.
I really dislike ungrateful people.

This $184 is all going towards paying off one of our CCs. We didn't get any snow like a lot of the eastern states did, but it sure snowed in my checking account! :)

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