January 18, 2011

Time to Re-Organize

So, with the purchase of a new vehicle, it's time to do some reorganization of our finances (for now) and our lives.

Last weekend we went car shopping, which turned into car buying. We had the intention of buying a used vehicle. Well that went out the window. We ended up buying brand spanking new. But with the financing we got, we just couldn't pass up a new vehicle. We got a 2010 Ford Explorer. I had been looking at a 2007.
Oh well, another payment to make. But J just got his raise (which kicks in next paycheck) and I got my raise. And with the 2% reduction into social security, our take home pay is a little higher.

We've also got our taxes coming in, and my work gives a bonus either in February or March which I've heard is pretty much a paycheck in between paychecks, so that will be nice (I Hope!)

I also need to seriously reorganize our house. We live in a tiny house that definitely does not have enough room for us, the two cats and all of the stuff we own! Time to do some purging of stuff (mostly paperwork that I need to shred or recycle).

Well, back to work today after visting Ontario over the weekend. My maid of honour got married herself of Friday to a really great guy. So happy for them, and makes me realize how great my husband is. We're coming up on our 4year anniversary. Hard to believe! haha

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jpkittie said...

I hear you - why buy used when you can get new for around the same payment!?!? Have fun purging! i need to work on that too! I am thinking maybe tomorrow I will try to get on track with getting rid of junk!