January 23, 2011

Debt Updating, or the Lack Of!

As you can probably see, the whole sidebar thing with our debt hasn't really updated at all, besides the car payments.
Because of our added debt (the new SUV), and other things that have come up (especially with my husband deploying) I will esentially have to start over with the DRP in Quicken here soon.

Plus, when my husband does deploy, the DRP will most likely take only the next 7-8 months, rather than the 2-3 years as before.

We will be saving quite a lot in that time as well. We will want to start looking for a house when he returns in September.

I do apologize for anyone who reads this blog for the lack of debt updating, but I hope to have it re-organized soon here!


jpkittie said...

i'll still read if you don't update ;)

Krystin said...

Thanks :)
I'm really hoping to get this back on track. My whole plan was started when my husband was still going to be doing his old position. Now with his new position, things are definitely going to change! Plus, some numbers have changed. I've even started a new Quicken file so that I can start over.