January 30, 2011

The Week That Was

So my week wasn't so bad. If having the FLU isn't bad!

Had to return back to the doctor on Friday. Where they swabbed my nose and tested for the flu. POSITIVE! Yay, now I know exactly why I feel so bad!

Co-Pay: $25
Prescriptions: $35

Yesterday morning at about 2:30am my husband came home from training in California. I woke up to him trying to 'park' the car. Actually, he was stuck in the snowbank in front of our house and didn't want to wake me up. I ended up going out there, and pushing him out of the snowbank, and letting him park where the truck is (there's no snow under it). Those drugs must be pretty good, or I'm superwoman haha.

We went grocery shopping and paid some bills.

Groceries: $15

I had won 2 $20 giftcards at work and I finally took advantage of using them, our out of pocket was around $15. It will get me homemade soup for 3 days, and dinners for myself for the next little while. Hubby will be in training again next week, and the week after, wash rinse repeat until deployment.

Tax money will be here soon too, so that will pay off some debt, plus my bonus will come in between paychecks in February, which will pay off more debt.

Yea! Paying off debt will be fun :)

I'm going to work on some goals for February, I like the way other blogs I read do that, including Won't Go Down Without a Fight
If you don't read it, go..read, now :)

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jpkittie said...

aawww... you are way too sweet!!!! Thank you so much!

Hope you are feeling better superwoman ;)