February 5, 2011

Weekly Re-Cap

This week was pretty good. With the hubby down at training and getting ready for deployment, I haven't been able to spend any money haha

Sunday 01/30
No Spend!

Monday 01/31
No Spend!

Tuesday 02/01
No Spend!

Wednesday 02/02
Lunch at Work $10

Thursday 02/03
Chipotle $7.98

Friday 02/04
No Spend!

Saturday 02/05
Tonight we are celebrating our anniversary early. Since hubby will be gone for training during our real anniversary, we'll go out for dinner tonight.
Plus, we need to get him some essentials for his deployment.

We got our federal tax refund yesterday of $2123. $1300 of it has already been set aside to pay for a project we've been doing for a year now. We'll finally be able to pay it all off.
That leaves us with $800. That's been moved to a checking account that isn't being used right now, so that we don't just spend it. It will pay for those few things that hubby needs, plus some debt.

Next week, is payday for both J and I. The week after I should be getting my bonus from work. I've figured it should be about $750. The last week of February will also be another pay day for both of us.

The bonus money will also go towards paying debt. I have a Firestone account that is due by March that I don't want to pay the deferred interest on! That will get paid off.

Well, off to spend the day with J, and enjoy our early anniversary :)

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jpkittie said...

look at you! you are doing a great job - I am so proud ofyou!!!!