March 12, 2011


So when I re-started this blog, I was hoping that I would be able to post at least 3 or 4 times a week on how things were going. Well, that obviously hasn't happened.

Things have gone a little off course, nothing really bad, but just enough to cause me to have to deal with other things at the moment.

Right now hubby is in Nevada training for the deployment. I haven't physically seen him since Feb 20 when I dropped him off at the airport.

It's been tough, but we'll get through it. Just like we'll get through the 6 months when he's deployed overseas.

Just wanted to check in, and let everyone know who may still read this blog, that I'm here, and hoping that when things calm down a little bit, I will be back. I can't wait to start posting about paying off credit cards, and loans here soon :)

1 comment:

jpkittie said...

good luck - i sure hope time will pick up for you - but then slow right back down when he is home ;)