June 5, 2011

Balance Update

I don't think I have ever written about what cards we have (which is a lot!) or their balances. Shame on me.

Well, here it all is! I'm even going to include my Canadian Credit Cards, but I consider these separate as they have no affect or effect on my credit down here, which is one of the reasons for us getting rid of the CC debt (to decrease utilization, increase credit score, buy a house)

I will warn you, the Canadian cards are high balances compared to the ones down here.

Some of these are mine, and some J's and some are joint :P

So here we go: (Current as of June 5, 2011)

Macy's 0.00 Closed
Revolution Card 0.00
Target CC 0.00
Target Visa 0.00
Walmart CC 0.00
Best Buy MC 0.00
JCPenney 480.06
REI Visa 922.07
Walmart Discover 2371.05
Discover 1488.63
USAA MC 1788.60
Care Credit 882.07
Home Depot 634.22
Firestone 1167.79
Dell 964.16
Navy Federal Visa J 4628.24
Navy Federal MC J 4579.61
Navy Federal Visa K 2120.87
Navy Federal MC K 2179.31

Canadian Cards
MBNA MC 20,442
RBC Visa 6645.80


Rafiki said...

That is a lot of cards but it is good to see a lot of them with zero balances and many more going that direction, continue on this path and I wish you the best.

jpkittie said...

look at you! you are doing great & it will be gone in no time!!!! So proud of you!

Niki said...

You are doing so well. I know it's a lot, but you are so focused right now, that day will be here before you know it.

Krystin said...

It's amazing to see it all written out! But I guess the good thing is that most of them are 'smaller' balances.

You guys are such an inspiration and your comments are motivation to get to our goal :)