June 13, 2011

Checking In

Not much been going on, especially on the debt payment, just waiting for J's expense report to hit his account, which should be this week sometime. It's also Payday this week for both of us. This is going to be my first paycheck with my pay raise in it. I want to see what it will be, then I may start signing up for some overtime. I could, in theory get another week or more in pay just in overtime if I really want to, but it can burn me out some days (really, just don't like talking to people on the phone that much!)

This week is also the start of my new shift and my new position. I don't actually have to be there until 4pm. I hope this shift inspires me to actually do things during the day (cleaning, laundry, move things to a storage facility, etc).

My parents came to visit this weekend, and I did spend a bit of money, mainly on things that we need and I bought dinner for them. They always treat J and I so I think they deserve to be treated as well! It was all paid with cash, so that's an accomplishment right there for me :)

I hope everyone's week is great! :)

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jpkittie said...

that would be wonderful to get as much as you want with OT! I say take some here & there & dont burn yourself out!!