June 16, 2011

Money Comes In, Money Goes Out

Today is J's Payday. It's sad that I sit with my laptop waiting for 11:30am to hit because that is when his Credit Union memo posts his paycheck and I start paying bills.

So far I have set up payments for the Walmart Discover $1000, Discover $500, USAA $500 and NFCU Loan $300. I have also set up the pay off for the REI Visa $922.07.

Those will post tonight.

In other news, we finally got a decision from the VA regarding J's request for disability benefits. He never filed them when he got out of the Navy back in 1997. We were told by lots of people "plan to wait a long time!" or "You won't get anything from them, it's been too long".
Well, it can't hurt to just file. The worst that would happen is they would say is no. It took a year, but he 'qualifies' for 10% which is $123/month. They back dated to last June, so a nice deposit of $1476 showed up in the account last week.
Problem is, he should qualify for more. 'Apparently' he missed a VA medical appointment for his shoulder, which he injured and had to have surgery on when he was doing PT. We NEVER received an appointment letter for that. So we will appeal. This supposedly happens all of the time when veterans file for disability benefits, which I think is disgusting.

So, we'll take the 10% for now, and file the appeal, which he should get a new appointment, and hopefully he will qualify for more.

The really good news about this, is that when we go for our mortgage, which will be a VA Loan since we qualify for it, we won't have to pay any funding fees for it. A friend at work who takes mortgage applications, and has done many VA loans for her own mortgages has been really helpful in answering questions about it all. Hopefully by the end of this year we will have pictures of our new home :)

Update on the no spends is 2 so far this month. The next couple of weeks will definitely have to be strict for me!


Rafiki said...

You are doing great and when you are into personal finance, things like waiting on your paycheck to hit the bank become the norm :)

jpkittie said...

holy smokes! those are amazing payment!!! you are kicking butt chicky!