June 24, 2011

Need Some Ideas

Ok, since J has been gone for over two months, and won't be back for another four, I have been coping ok so far. Work helps with that since it keeps me busy, and I haven't been spending as freely as we normally would be. But, I'm becoming restless.

I don't have many friends here, and my family is a nine hour drive away and the only activity that I have going is taekwondo.

I need some help on how to keep busy! Any ideas would be much appreciated :)


Little Lamb said...

What about joining a local "fill in the blank" club. For me it was a running group. It was free to join and now I have a wonderful group of friends that I meet with at least twice a week. You could also volunteer at a local shelter to walk dogs or something.

Niki said...

I like the idea of joining a running club.

Actually Little Lamb said everything I would, besides joining some sort of craft circle.