June 23, 2011

Another Bank Bought

So last week it was ING Direct USA who was bought out by Capital One. This week my cross border bank, RBC Bank was bought by PNC. I use RBC Bank because they were the US division of my Canadian bank, RBC (Royal Bank of Canada). I am able to transfer between the two with no problem, don't have to pay any fees, and it's there instantly.

Great....now what was I to do! I still have my Canadian credit cards that I am paying on, which makes it very convenient for me to do so.

Thankfully, nothing is going to change regarding cross border banking. For now. Hopefully I will have paid off the cards before anything does.

I'm up to 6 no spend days, today should be another, so I should make my goal of the 10, perhaps more! The weight loss goal....uh, yeah, so how's the weather where you are? :P

Thank goodness the weekend is almost here. I really need to find a storage place close by this weekend. We have too much STUFF here, and it needs to be moved until we buy a house and can actually display it all (mostly re-enacting gear)

What are your plans for the weekend?

1 comment:

Mysti said...

My goal this year was to lose 20 lbs...I have gained 15. Ummm....

The weather...it is raining!!