June 20, 2011

The Week That Will Be

I had a pretty good weekend. Normally when J is home we would have gone out somewhere, whether it would be shopping, going to antique shops/flea markets, eating out, etc. Needless to say, when he's home, I/we spend.

On Saturday, I did a tae kwon do class (TKD) and was promoted to my dark brown belt. I came home and did some budgeting. It was a No Spend day for me, which is 4 for the month. Not where I wanted to be this far into June but I'll take it. I'm only 6 away from my goal.

Sunday I definitely needed to get some groceries. I hadn't grocery shopped in a couple of weeks and had been living off of what was available, which is good since I pretty much cleaned out my freezer!

Today, I need to get food for my two cats. When I shop for them it lasts at least a month, so they are due. I'm down to my last can of wet food for them.

Tuesday - TKD class at noon and work, so it should be a no spend, same thing for Thursday.
Wednesday and Friday will just be work days. I may see if there is any available OT for those days, just to pick up some hours.

This weekend, I may head out to a friends place in Maryland. He restores vintage vehicles, including WWII jeeps. I will own one of them one day. He is moving his jeep from a CJ2 frame to a new one and it's a good opportunity to see the inner workings of one.

This week I hope will fly by like last week. Not being on the phone all day definitely has reduced my stress level and I feel happier at work. Plus the folks on my new team are really fun.

Hope you all have a great week!


jpkittie said...

glad you had a good weekend - good luck this week!

Rafiki said...

Things are going good for you. I wish you the best this week.