July 31, 2011

July Recap and August Goals

July, like July was a good month.

July Recap

12 No Spend Days - SUCCESS! I currently have 12, but today should be 13 :)

Pay In Full 3 Credit Cards - SUCCESS! I paid in full the Discover, USAA and Walmart Discover :)
Get off my Butt and Work out and Get back to Weight Watchers! EPIC FAIL!  I am so disappointed in myself.  I MUST get back to this. :(

August Goals

15 No Spend Days (I probably would have had 15 in July if I hadn't given in to lunch on a few occasions)
Pay In Full 3 Credit Cards

Right now I am probably sitting on the beach, with my feet in the sand, my kindle in hand and getting baked by the sun.  Hope you all have a great Sunday! :)


Rafiki said...

Enjoy :)

I'm holding you to those 15 no spend days.

jpkittie said...

you did amazing in July - good luck in August!