July 30, 2011

Balances Update

Balances (current as of July 30, 2011)

Macy's 0.00 Closed
Revolution Card 0.00
Target CC 0.00
Target Visa 0.00
Walmart CC 0.00
Best Buy MC 0.00
JCPenney 0.00
REI Visa 0.00
Walmart Discover 0.00 (503)
Discover 0.00 (511)
USAA MC 0.00 (812)
Care Credit 800.07 (30)
Home Depot 534.22 (50)
Firestone 1167.79 (50)
Dell 909.95 (27)
Navy Federal Visa J 2868.00 (1444.68)
Navy Federal MC J 2706.21 (1438.58)
Navy Federal Visa K 1458.54 (604.20)
Navy Federal MC K 1386.40 (721.87)
Navy Federal Signature Loan 0.00

Canadian Cards
MBNA MC 19,463.95 (474.84)
RBC Visa 6339.31 (100.01)

Green - payments minus interest
Red - interest or added debt
Black - no change


Niki said...

I love your balance updates! It's so neat to see such big changes. I know you guys are sacrificing a lot, but it's so nice to see you really putting this sacrifice to good use.

I know a lot of families going through similar situations and they aren't being smart with the extra money they are receiving (we were one). This time only lasts for so long. I am just really happy you are both being so smart.

jpkittie said...

look at all those $0!!! Keep it up! you are doing great!!!

444 said...

You guys have been throwing huge payments toward debt. And if I understand correctly, you just paid three debts completely off! Is that right? Great going!

Little Lamb said...

Great work!!! Way to change your life! :)

Rafiki said...

I love these updates.

Look at all the 0's

More more more. Who ever thought 0 could be a good thing :)