July 29, 2011

Paydays and Balance Updates Eh!

Being on vacation is SO NICE!!! I've forgotten how nice it is to not have to go to work, although when it gets close to go home, I'll get all depressed again haha.

So yesterday was J's payday and today was mine.  Here's what was paid.  Since we're getting close to being credit card debt free, they are higher payments to some of the bigger balances (minus the 0% offers we have right now).

Navy Federal Visa J - $1000
Navy Federal MC J - $1000
Navy Federal Visa Krystin - $500
Navy Federal MC Krystin - $500

Since I won't be here for the end of the month I will do my updates and goals before I leave the internet.


Niki said...

That is some major fantastic debt payments. Congratulations!!!

Little Lamb said...

Fabulous!!! You are making those credit card companies cry with payments like that!

444 said...

This is very cool stuff. Just now I paid $777 to one card and I felt a little apprehensive (I'm always tying up all of our money) but I want to get out of debt so badly that it gives me a thrill! I was happy to see this update and see someone else making huge payments because I was beginning to question my sanity (j/k. It's very, very sane to want to get out of debt.)

Rafiki said...

Awesome, you both made some big sacrifices being apart but the debt is coming down extremely fast. I am happy for you. Just wish you didn't have to be apart while that happened.

jpkittie said...

you are doing amazing on your debt payments!!! so exciting!

Mysti said...

Go go go!!!