July 21, 2011

Mid Week Update

This week has been interesting.  I signed up for some overtime at work this week.  I was going to do 4 days of 2 extra hours each for 8 total overtime hours.  I cancelled today's OT though.  Yesterday I went to Westminster, MD to spend some time with a friend who owns a vehicle restoration business.  I got to help take out an engine, and see how to do some body work on a WWII Jeep.

If you don't know already, J and I do WWII reenacting.  It's how we met actually and it's kind of our passion.  Eventually we will have a WWII Jeep and learning how to fix and restore them is a great thing to have so that you don't have to pay someone to do it.  Although, having a friend who owns his own business and would give me a good deal is always nice too haha.

Not much in the payoff department just yet.  It all seems to happen when payday happens.  Mostly I've been waiting for our credit reports to update.  I had to actually call US Bank when they hadn't updated our equifax credit report showing a $0 balance.  It hadn't updated since 05/2011 and it was paid off 06/16/2011.  When I called, the representative was really rude, but I got her to update the reports, and as of yesterday, it is now showing $0 :)

Before, I had mentioned that my credit score had not updated when I thought it should.  Well...turns out, the 658 score, is still the 658 score.  I bit the bullet and paid for another report.  Oh well, I'm hoping that with the updates here in the next couple of days when my Discover and USAA will show a $0 balance, or a $2500 reduction in debt will help and push that score up :)

J's score on the other hand.  That's a different story.  His score was 634 when we started on 05/20/2011. It then went to 641 on 06/13/2011 to 653 on 07/08/2011 to 672! on 07/18/2011!  His score is better than mine!  That's never happened.  Oh, now it's on! lol  If you knew me, you know how competitive I am lol.
I'm happy though too.  He's never had a score that high.  I'm hoping when all is said and done we will both be over 700.  That's the goal anyway.

I did some number crunching the other day, and have reevaluated our payoff date.  Before it was the 09/22/2011 paycheck that would have all of the credit card debt paid off.  Now it will be one paycheck earlier, which is 09/08/2011.

I can't wait until then, and I can't wait until J comes home from his deployment in Afghanistan, 93 days.  Not that I'm counting down or anything ;)

On the home searching front, I really really love the first house I looked at.  But I don't feel it's right to make that decision on my own.  So, I may end up sacrificing the home so that J and I can do this together.  Plus, I'm going home to Canada here soon, so I don't want to be making any decisions and then not be able to get in contact with my realtor if something should come up.
I believe it will all work out in the end.

I've only had 1 No Spend day this week, which brings me to 9.  The rest of this week should be no spends (today and tomorrow) which will make the total 11, only 1 away from my goal :)

Hope you all have been having a great week.


urban simplicity said...

I tried so many time to have no spend days. I never can seem to do it... I enjoy your blog!

Krystin said...

I used to have trouble with no spend days. This month, even though I've got 9 days, I believe I should have more if I had been a little more disciplined!

Thanks for following! :)

jpkittie said...

that would be amazing to have the two of you both have scores over 700! they will be there soon enough!!! keep it up sweetie

Rafiki said...

What exactly is WWII reenacting if you don't mind the question?

I think the house search should involve the both of you so I think that is a great decision you made.

Good luck on making your goal.

Krystin said...

WWII reenacting is basically that we dress up, and do a 'living history' as if we were living during WWII. Reenactments are pretty popular here in the US especially of the Civil War, but WWII is becoming pretty big too.

I'll try and post some pictures of what we do here soon :)

Rafiki said...

That would be awesome. It's kind of like going to a historical play.