July 15, 2011


Yesterday and today were paydays for J and I.

We have now paid off another 3 Credit Cards!!

Walmart Discover $503 Paid in Full
Discover $511 Paid in Full
USAA $812 Paid in Full

We were also able to pay down the Navy Federal credit cards.  So in total we were able to pay $3450 in credit card debt today :)

I only had 1 spend so far this week, but today should be another which will make 8 no spend days for the month.

Tomorrow, my realtor and I will be looking at homes.  I went to look at one yesterday and it's PERFECT for J and I....but it's more than our budget (although the loan officer I talked to stated that we technically could afford it) and I want to compare other properties.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Little Lamb said...

Holy Moley, Batman!!! That's incredible!!! You are on fire! Congratulations!

Have fun house shopping and have a super weekend!

Niki said...

So exciting! I am so glad you guys are putting all that money toward something fantastic, it really does make his and your sacrifice count and really starting to build a future.

Have fun looking at houses, that was my favorite part of buying a house.

jpkittie said...

you are totally kicking butt! great job! I am so happy for you - keep it going chicky!

Rafiki said...

So awesome. Really looking forward to see that list again. You pay them off like lightning.

As for the house shopping, you are doing the right thing. Look at a few more. You never know what you will find.

Debt Free and Broke said...

Just found you blog and adding it to my blogroll. You are doing great!

Mr. & Mrs. said...

Ahh...you're giving me hope that I can actually get out from under the CC bills.

Sounds like you're in a great stride. So encouraging. I'm glad I found your blog.