August 26, 2011

Payday and Payoffs August Edition

So yet another payday for J and I and more credit cards have been paid off.

My Navy Federal Visa and Mastercard are PIF!
The Home Depot card is PIF!

We also reduced J's Navy Federal Visa and Mastercard by $800

I'm getting ready for Irene to hit.  It shouldn't be so bad here, but I have things like water, batteries and propane just in case.

And now for the news that I posted about last.
We didn't put an offer on the house, because after having 2 extra days to think about it, there were more cons than pros for the house.  If I could pick the actual house up and move it to the county we live in now, it would have been perfect.

So..... with more news with that, J is going to go back to Afghanistan for 5 more months.  He will come home for 30 days and then go back.  This will eliminate my Canadian credit cards, our car payment, and a larger down payment (or funds for renovation/fixes) when we do buy a home.  And...for J, he will get to buy some of the fun things he has been dreaming about for a long time.  He would deserve it, as he's making the bigger sacrifice by going back. 
With eliminating my Canadian cards and the car, I would have an extra $1700 every 4 weeks to help with expenses, and hopefully in the next year, a baby :)

The updated numbers will be coming in next week.

I will be going to Gettysburg with a couple of friends for history, (a little) shopping and a nice dinner.
Have a great weekend! If Irene is in your path, stay safe :)


Michelle Parker said...

Yay! Seems like everything is getting paid off. An extra $1,700 would be wonderful!

jpkittie said...

OH MY ! Look at you - that is AMAZING!!!

Louise said...

well done on the cc payoffs!! stay safe

Little Lamb said...

You make paying of debt look easy! :) Great job girl!

Krystin said...

It is amazing! The only reason it is so amazing and seems easy is that I have a loving husband who is making that major sacrifice to be in Afghanistan to make a lot of money in a short period of time to pay all of this off.

I miss him, but knowing that we don't have to worry about where the money will come from because we have a credit card payment due is nice. :)

Rafiki said...

I admire you and your husband a lot. That is such a huge sacrifice. It is reaping huge benefits with the debt reduction but I don't know if I could do it.

Impressed as always and congrats on knocking off some more cards.