September 1, 2011

August Recap and September Goals

August Recap

August was a good month.

15 No Spend Days SUCCESS! I had exactly 15.
Pay In Full 3 Credit Cards SUCCESS! PIF Home Depot, and My Navy Federal Visa and Mastercard
WORK OUT - Semi Success I worked out extra hard at TaeKwonDo and Did work out at the gym at work.  This month I hope to continue what I have started.

September Goals

I think I have a handle on the No Spends, so I am not going to make it a goal any longer.  It will be a goal in my every day life.

Pay In Full 5 Credit Cards
Become US Credit Card Debt Free
Work on my TKD form and Prepare for Black Belt testing
Clean My House Top to Bottom

With John coming home in 50 days I would like to have this house clean and organized.  Since we will be waiting to buy a house when John comes home from his second deployment, I need to look for a storage unit and get things moved out that don't need to be here.  Thus, giving us more room and ready to move when the time comes.

Updated numbers will be posted tomorrow!


Michelle Parker said...

Congrats on the no spend days and also paying off the 3 credit cards!

Rafiki said...

I actually went back to the August goal post to make sure it was 15 no spends lol.

Congratulations. You deserve it and I knew you could do it.

Also I think the work out goal was a full success and not just a semi based on what you said.