August 14, 2011

Sunday Becomes Monday

I miss guaranteed weekends off.

My shift at work is a flex week, which means I am guaranteed Saturday off.  I can't be drafted or scheduled to work that day at all.  I always have another day off during the week, and since I was on vacation, my last 'day off' was last Sunday as I had requested that day off. 

Today, is the beginning of my work week.  So today is my Monday.  The one good thing was that Sundays were quiet.  Noticed I wrote "was" and "were".  Not so much lately.  People are calling in all of the time, and Sundays have become back-to-back calls, whereas before, I might have a break of a few minutes in between which made my day not so stressful.

I do get paid a 'Sunday Differencial' it's not much, but I'll take it.

It's so hard to come back to work after not having to do anything for 12 days.

I guess I shouldn't complain.  I could still be working at my old job, where I didn't work full time, my boss would blame me for things that they did, no paid vacation, no benefits, and my paychecks bouncing (twice).  Or I could be unemployed.

On the money front, I read a post by Michelle over at Making Sense of Cents about Savings accounts.  We currently have the savings that are required by our credit union in order to have our membership, but we found that any money that was put in there would quickly be transfered to buy unnecessary purchases.  Our ING Savings account is where the majority of our savings is, mainly for any emergencies (although I do have cash on hand for that) and for our downpayment for our home. 
I have been recently thinking of opening up some Custom Club accounts at our credit union to save for particular things, like Christmas, or a vacation (J and I never had a real honeymoon and we're looking to go to Disney in January).
I can't decide if I want to open this now, or if I should wait until the house process has been completed.

Any thoughts on what I should do?


Rafiki said...

Start now but start with a small amount, like $10 or so. When the house is started you can always up the amount.

Disney world sounds like it will be awesome.

Michelle Parker said...

That's so good that you have all of those job benefits now. At my old job, I was basically in the same position. If I requested a day off, I wouldn't get it. No vacation time. No insurance. And so on.

And thanks for referencing my blog! I'm still not sure how or if I want to separate my accounts.