August 11, 2011

Another Payday Another Paydown

Today is J's payday.  It's funny, with me being on vacation, the last payday occurred when I was on my way up to Canada.  It doesn't seem that long ago, but here we are, another two weeks have passed!

Today, I have made payments to J's Navy Federal Visa and Mastercard for $1000 each, and to my Navy Federal Visa and Mastercard for $500 each.  For a total of $3000 paid down.  It won't be long before these are long gone too!

I was going to make higher payments, but I'm waiting to see if there is something that I have forgotten.  I guess because I wasn't spending the money in the account when I was in Canada I ended up having more in there than I normally would (groceries, gas, etc).

I will most likely make a deposit to my Canadian credit cards to pay what I used while I was up there.  One benefit of having my Canadian CCs...I don't have to pay the conversion rate when I use them!

Tomorrow will be my pay day, but so far all that I need to pay from it is my MBNA CC which depending on the conversion rate from the bank, should be $950.

On the Credit Score update, my Equifax score changed when I was in Canada from 668 to 684!  I beat J lol.  Although when our reports update with the changes in utilization to his Navy Federal CCs (should be $5000 difference between the two) his Equifax will probably skyrocket....well that's what I'm hoping anyway :)

Tuesday and Wednesday were No Spends for me, today and tomorrow will be another.  It's pretty bad that when I was on vacation I only had 3 No Spends out of the 12 days I was up there.  That's ok, still have half of the month to make my goal of 15 or else Rafiki over at Upendilife will definitely let me have it! :)

Hope your week has been good, cannot wait for the weekend!


Michelle Parker said...

Wow congrats on the pay down! My week has been good so far. I'm going to San Juan next week! Yay!

Babybluewater said...

Congrats on your great progress. That's a good amount to pay down on one check. Way to go!

Rafiki said...

You betcha I'm holding you to 15. Actually I'm a write it here before I post it on my blog but I think I might try for a full 7 next week.

I see you are hitting a lot of them with big payments at the same time, I like that move.

Also congrats on the lead with the credit score but I wonder how long it will last.

and thanks for the link :)

jpkittie said...

you have been doing so awesome - I am so proud of you!!!! that is wonderful!