October 6, 2011

Balances Update (September)

Wow!  I can't believe I'm late on this.  I guess with J coming home and everything else that has been going on (which I will explain in a later post) I just plain forgot.  My bad!

As you know from my post about the WWII Jeep, we added $12,000 of debt, which will be paid off in about 3-4 months.  This was a planned expense, just not this early!  Things come up and sometimes you have to take advantage of them.  Pictures to come soon :)

Balances (current as of August 31, 2011)

Macy's 0.00 Closed
Revolution Card 0.00
Target CC 0.00
Target Visa 0.00
Walmart CC 0.00
Best Buy MC 0.00
JCPenney 0.00
REI Visa 0.00
Walmart Discover 0.00
Discover 0.00
USAA MC 0.00
Care Credit 0.00 (750.07)
Home Depot 0.00
Firestone 0.00 (1017.79)
Dell 0.00 (886.95)
Navy Federal Visa J 0.00 (1106.93)
Navy Federal MC J 0.00 (948.05)
Navy Federal Visa K 0.00
Navy Federal MC K 0.00
Navy Federal Signature Loan 0.00
Navy Federal Signature Loan 12,000 (12,000)

Canadian Cards
MBNA MC 18,292 (780)
RBC Visa 5790 (197)

Green - payments minus interest
Red - interest or added debt
Black - no change


TJ said...

My my. Look at all those gorgeous ZEROES! 5 bit the dust. Good going!

Michelle P said...

Wow you're doing great!

Rafiki said...

I was waiting on this. Look at all the 00000000.

Awesomeness and you must be ecstatic with J coming home.

Niki said...

Yes, those are gorgeous zeroes indeed!

Have a great time with J.