October 9, 2011

House Hunting

So things have been a little hectic around here lately.  As stated the other day, J is coming home in 12 days and the house hunting continued.

On Wednesday I went and looked at a home that had just come on the market.  They had only posted a picture of the front of the home, but no inside pictures, so I thought why not go have a look.  I did, and fell in love.  It needed a bit of updating but nothing that would detract from living there.

They are asking $258,000.  We put an offer of $245,000 plus closing costs (3%).  I didn't hear anything and then my real estate agent calls and says they are missing one of the pages of the contract.  So I have it faxed again.  I don't hear anything until Friday, and he says that "she wants to clean up the offer and get back to us" What the heck does THAT mean?!?!?!?!

She comes back after my realtor asks exactly the same question I said.  The seller says "come back with your best offer".  She thinks because she's had a few showings that she's going to get multiple offers.  I had to think about what I wanted to offer and to talk to J.  J wanted to say forget it, it's not worth it.  We came back at  $250,000 with 2% closing.  This was yesterday at 1:30pm and was to be a verbal take it or leave it offer.
My realtor called and called and called today. FINALLY,they came back with something.  Not yes, or no, but $258,000 with 2%. Are your freaking KIDDING me??? The seller didn't even come with a counter to begin with, and now she does???

FORGET IT. Offer withdrawn. We can buy a brand new home with all of the updates for the same price just up the road in West Virginia.  The house is not worth what she's asking.
Oh, and we were still the only offer.
I hope it sits for 100days. I know, I'm evil.

So, 5 days for nothing, and we did most of the work.
I'm starting to hate the house buying process.


Niki said...

Muhahaha! You're evil.

Your right though, I would feel the same way. They must not have gotten the memo on how hard it can be to sell your house these days.

Good luck with the searching. I always thought that was the fun part.

Oh and I bet you are so excited to have your man coming home! Less than two weeks!

Rafiki said...

It may be an evil wish but sometimes people need to learn.

I think you will find one you really like.

Don't let the buying process bug you. No need to rush, take your time and you will find your dream home.

Mysti said...

Obviously they aren't that motivated to sell. They think they are sitting on a gold mine. Fine....let them sit. They will learn.

Keep looking...you will find the home that was meant for you and your family.

Glad that hubby will be home SOON!

Tanner said...

That sounded frustrating. Not even a decent comeback? It's like your offers went in one ear, out the other. But hey, the price is also part of the house, so maybe that wasnt the most perfect 'perfect home' for you. Best wishes as you continue on with that.

Krystin said...

It was very frustrating! I think it's for the best, now when J gets home we can look together and find OUR house rather than me finding the house and J just agreeing lol

444 said...

I haven't had this experience with buying or selling houses, but I have with other things. I'd feel the same way you do. It boggles my mind that some people have no concept of negotiation at all, unless they have clearly labeled their asking price as "firm." My (unspoken) retort is always, "Fine, then, good luck getting your rigid, unbending price and don't be surprised if it sits there forever - hope your principles are worth it to you!" (I'd respect even a small concession in a counter-offer.)