October 10, 2011

Happy Thankgiving!

To my fellow Canadians and Happy Columbus Day to my American friends :)

Plan for today is to eat turkey leftovers (we had our turkey dinner last night, and it was yummy!)

Tomorrow we head to Buffalo (my parents and I) to have some fun at Seneca Casino.  I haven't been to a casino in a while, so it will be nice to have some fun, and I already budgeted for it.  Wednesday I return home.  At least my landlord will be happy to know that we are not moving out as soon as we hd thought since the house deal fell through.

11 Days until J comes home!  Cannot wait :))
I have so many things planned out to do and to not do while he is home for 30 days.  We have to pack in as much as we can lol.  Trips to Gettysburg, dinner there, his birthday (early), Capitals game, and absolutely nothing (where he can play video games all day if he wants...it's his vice, and I don't mind).

I love October :)


Little Lamb said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Hope the next 11 days go quickly for you so you can see your love faster. :)

Rafiki said...

Happy thanks giving.

Going to be an awesome month for you.

jpkittie said...

hope you had a great thanksgiving!!! I should have celebrated with you guys!!!! There is nothing I love more then a nice Thanksgiving meal! Cheers!!