October 25, 2011

Quick Update

Sorry for  the lack of posting here, things were a little hectic in the countdown to J's return and then when he did return it's been fun catching up :)

I promise to get back into the swing of things here soon.

I'd like to start posting more about house hunting and what I'm doing to save money.  Plus we have the new goals to look forward to when J goes back to Afghanistan (paying off the Canadian cards and the car....and the Jeep, which is AWESOME by the way :P )

At it's first Jeep Show in MD

Still reading all of my blogroll, so I am keeping up with that at least :)

Until then!


Michelle P said...

I LOOOOVE that Jeep!

Niki said...

That jeep is awesome!!

Can't wait to hear what's been goin' on!

444 said...

We understand if you don't have much time to post. If my man were back in the country for only one month between being away, I wouldn't make my blog a top priority. ;o)

Tanner said...

That is one fancy Jeep! Glad to hear you're enjoying it.

Little Lamb said...

Nice jeep! Can't wait for all the updates. :) Enjoy your time with J.

Rafiki said...

Love the jeep and I am not surprised you are busy with J. Enjoy.