December 9, 2011

Quick Friday Hello!

Been dealing with a bad tooth for the past little while, but this week it has been really painful.  I have an appointment for a root canal on Jan 6, so I may just have to grin and bear it.

So instead of being productive, I've been in agony and trying just to sleep.  (I think it might be infected too...thank goodness for antibiotics that make you feel even worse).

Not much else going on.  Work is still work, although today is Friday (#1 good thing) we have our Holiday Luncheon (#2 good thing) and I'm not on the phones much today (#3 good thing).
AND I have the whole weekend off.  Hoping I can catch up on cleaning up my house, packing some more, and finish decorating the tree.  I have decided NOT to put up Christmas lights this year outside.  I might put up the deer, but I'm just not really in the full Christmas mood that I normally am in.

I also got J's box out to Afghanistan the other day, and totally forgot to wrap one gift...the one gift I really wanted to surprise him with :S
I'll get a small box and send that out on Saturday or Monday.  It might get there late though. 

I hope you all had a great week, and an even better weekend!


Louise said...

ouch! that sounds painful, hope you feel better soon

Michelle P said...

Good luck with the root canal, I need one soon also.

jpkittie said...

hope the tooth is better soon! that is a bummer for sure!

Little Lamb said...

Gave you an award. Check out my blog. :)