January 30, 2012

Down and Out...Sort Of!

Sorry for the lack of posting about my cruise, but I have been down and out with a nasty cold and horrible sore throat.
And since I cannot miss work, talking all day on the phone isn't helping my throat get any better.  Actually I wasn't feeling too bad yesterday, but I had to work and now I feel like I have swallowed a sword. C'est la vie.

I promise to get my cruise review out there by tomorrow :)
I can't wait to go back on Norwegian, and have become quite obsessed with finding another itinerary for J and I to go on.

Have a great day all! :)


Tanner said...

Times like these you need a vacation from your vacation, no? I hope you feel better soon! I can totally relate to coming out from a vacation and already looking to book a similar trip.

fariha said...

Eeeks! Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon

jpkittie said...

feel better! I am right there with you though :(

Louise said...

Hope you feel better soon