February 4, 2012

Still Recovering

Turns out I have bronchitis, which turned into a nasty head cold.  Starting to feel a little better today, but man did it knock me on my butt.

Having to work through it all was not fun either (we are essential personnel at work and if you miss work due to illness it is not looked highly upon.  I had missed a few days in December, so I suffered).

All I know is that I feel like this, work has been stressful lately, and I want to go back on the cruise ship lol.

On tap today, I must go into town.  I need some groceries, and fresh fruits and veggies.  Also need to hit Wally World for some cleaning supplies.  I have a $100 gift card my parents gave me for Christmas that I will use.  Even though our bank account it nicely stocked, why use my own cash when I can use the gift card!

Other than that, I will be continuing to pack and clean here.  A bit of a house update.  We heard that the seller's first mortgage (they have two on their house) was approved by their lender to be sold as a short sale (YAY!) so now we're just waiting on the smaller second mortgage, which (hopefully!) should go through quickly.
We're looking at closing sometime mid-March.

Need to start getting all of the paperwork ready to finish our mortgage process, inspections, and moving truck.
It's going to get crazy busy here soon!

Thanks for the get better comments.  It really does help a lot to have people thinking of you while you're down and out :)

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jpkittie said...

that really sucks - I really hope you feel better very soon!