January 2, 2012

New Pages

I've decided to add some pages at the top of my blog here.

Reason being, I don't want to have to keep looking for my 2012 Goals, when I can keep them in one spot!  Makes me more accountable to them :)

Another accountable page, weight loss in Losing Myself I really need to lose weight.  Especially if I'm looking to become in a family way (hehe I've always wanted to say that!) later this year.
I didn't want to conflict both of these goals in one place, but I will definitely brag about milestones here :P

If you want to follow and push me along, please do!  I really need it some days, since J is not here to kick my butt.  Plus, he's been working out really hard with his roommate in Afghanistan.  He'll probably lose weight and be in great shape when he gets home, and he's already skinny! <_<

I'm hoping this works this time.  In fact, I've got my doctor in on this one along with Weight Watchers, so I'm sure I'll hear it from the doc if I don't!

It's all about a new year, a new beginning and a new start for me :)


Jolie said...

WW is a fantastic program and can be used lifelong. Love the blog changes.

Mr. & Mrs. said...

Good luck! Sounds like a great plan!

Mysti said...

I lost weight on WW. Their new program is great. I fell off the wagon...but when you work at it...it is fantastic.

Little Lamb said...

I also used WW and found it to be really good. You can start training for my Debt Free Dash in 3 months! :) (tab on my blog)

Krystin said...

I've used WW before in fact I have been paying for it and not using it for a while :)

Little Lamb, while I would love ro join in on the dash, I unfortunately have calcification of my achilles tendons so no running for me. Taekwondo is also really bad but I love it so much!

Niki said...

I like your new pages. I find blogging makes me really accountable. :)

Good luck with weight loss. I am working on losing some poundage as well. I started running and I will be eating better since my husband won't be around. He's a enabler for cookies and not so healthy choices. I still love him though.

Little Lamb said...

No running required. Just being active in whatever way works for you. :) But sorry to hear you have that issue. Doesn't sound fun at all!