January 1, 2012

Welcome to 2012!

I may as well start on one of my 12 goals for the year, and make sure that I blog on a regular basis :)

Not really much to start the year.  Just looking forward to more debt payoffs.

So far though I have paid the electric bill  - $185! ouch.
Our cell phone bill $95 (well MY cell phone bill since J's phone is on suspension until he returns).
Rent - $850
Water - $23

I'm waiting on the next paycheck to really start paying things down again.  I can't wait.  I loved that gazelle feeling of having numbers go down fast.

Still no news on the house, but I'm hoping now that the new year has begun and the Holidays are over things will pick up since they won't be on 'vacation mode'

Last night was pretty quiet, just made myself homemade chinese food, and watched the ball drop, then I went to bed.  That's usually how our New Year's Eve is spent...we are not much for partying or going out, so even if J was here, it would have been the same.

Today is going to be quiet as well.  I have laundry going, and I'm planning on pulling out our packing boxes from the attic to start packing away books or movies.  I'm going to try and build an inventory of the things we have for insurance purposes.

Speaking of insurance, we currently have renter's insurance through Geico (serviced by Traveler's) and we've had good experience so far (we've never had to file a claim, or any issues).  I went to see if there was a bill ready yet since our policy begins in February, and there was.  It's increased by $45 for the year!  I'm guessing that there has probably been an increase in claims in our area since 'we' didn't change or file anything.  I'll probably give them a call one day this week to find out.
It'll all change anyway when we buy the house and have to get home owner's insurance :P

I hope everyone had a good night last night and that 2012 is a successful year for all!

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jpkittie said...

your New Year's sounds like ours! We had a nice quiet one :) DD loves to stay up late

I also am looking forward to getting things together this year - the paychecks starting to roll in & starting to purge... that is going to be nice --- I am going to go one room at a time & get it ready - so when we do put the house on the market, it isn't rushed.

welcome 2012 :)