March 22, 2012

Clear To Close!

Got the email today that we are clear to close!!!

All of the documents had been given to the bank by Tuesday (they needed another bank statement, so my CU had to fax that over).  I was told that we should hear something by today, and boy did we!
I was told at about 1pm that all of the conditions had been signed off on, and it was going for it's final audit.

By 3:45pm the loan was cleared to close!

I'm so happy that this is almost finished.  Just need to sign mine and J's name about a million times next Wednesday.  I have his Power of Attorney, so I get to sign my name double on everything, if you see me in a sling, my hand is sprained.

Can't wait to get the keys and start doing some moving and getting things set up (cable - need a cable connection in one of the small bedrooms for our office; setting up utilities; possibly having an estimate on window treatments, since they took all but a few blinds - even though it was in the contract that window treatments were included)

This Saturday is also an exciting day for me.  I will be receiving my 1st Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo.  It has been 4 months since I tested for it, and we have a large ceremony to celebrate the recipients (me being one of them!) and have a traditional Korean style buffet.

I hope to post some pictures here soon of the house and the black belt ceremony.  I've been holding off on the house just because the pictures I had still had the other owner's belongings in it.  Now that they are gone, I will get some pics when I get enter as I please :)

Tomorrow is Friday, one more day of work for the week yay! :)


~Carla~ said... belt! God for you! Congrats!! :)

Out My window said...

Congratulations,mmmmm kimpa!

Rafiki said...

Double awesome.

Congratulations on both feats.

How long did it take you to get to that level in Taekwondo.

Krystin said...

Thanks everyone!

It took me 1.5years for my black belt. Normally it would take 2-2.5years, but they actually let me test early. One of the Masters thought I was ready (plus with J and I wanting to start a family, it would conflict with normal testing) so the Grandmaster agreed that I could try. And I passed :)

Rhitter94 said...

Congrats on everything!