April 16, 2012

All Is Well Financially Too

This is in response to a comment I got about medical bills I may get for my fall from the ladder that resulted in me having to see the doctor, and get spinal xrays.

Last November we switched from J's work insurance which was through Aetna. There was a $600/per person deductable, the were not in-network with anyone around here and they only paid on a good day 80%.

We went with my work's insurance which is Blue Cross Blue Sheild.  It's a $500/per FAMILY deductable ($250/person) they are in-network with everyone around here and they pay 100% of everything I have had done so far this year (physical therapy, surgery for my achilles tendon...just pre-appointments so far, doctors visits, etc.  Just had to pay co-pays)

So no need to worry about what medical bills I may get.
The most I could see me paying right now is the $250 :)


Louise said...

glad to hear that your x-rays came back OK

Rafiki said...

That's awesome, my insurance only pays up to 80% but the deductible is lower.

I don't think I've ever really utilized my medical insurance. I've maxed out my dental going two years now though.