April 14, 2012

All Is Well

Went for xrays on Thursday, since I didn't feel any better and just to be sure I really didn't damage myself.

All is good. No fractures or deformaties in my spine, yay!  So just going to be sore for a little while.

I continued to move things over to the new house.

Payment posted to my MBNA card.  I cannot believe there is less than $5000 left on the card.  Considering it got as high as over $20,000 on that card.

Back to work for me tomorrow after being off for 5 days.  It's aways an adjustment getting back into the habit of talking to members after so much time off.  Oh well, I'm good at my job, I'm sure it won't take too many calls to be back to my normal self.
I did apply to the supervisor position. I'll keep you all updated on how that goes.

Hope you all have a great week! :)


Jerry said...

I hope your insurance is covering all of your tests, etc. You don't want medical bills piling up adding to your stress which leads to more stress!

Rafiki said...

Awesome to read that nothing is damaged. You fell pretty hard so I'm happy that all you've gotten is a little sore pain.

Also. I wish you the best of luck getting that supervisor position. I think you will do great.