April 12, 2012

Update To My Owwie

So I ended up going to the clinic yesterday because I was still in pain from my fall.  I didn't want to go to the ER for them to say "you're fine go home, and pay us $100 copay".  So I went to my local clinic where they know me, and the doc is really good.
She had me do some tests, and gave me some pain meds, and an order for an xray if I wasn't any better by today.
She told me to take the next few days off (so I was off April 10 - 12, since the 13th is my day off anyway and I'm always off Saturdays)
She also gave me FMLA paperwork right there and then which was really awesome, since some doctor's offices will take days to fill it out and charge you.  I faxed it in last night, which for me is a huge since I work in the contact center and we are 'essential personnel'.  This means that it won't affect my attendance.  Thank goodness because I'm waiting patiently for a supervisor position to open up and I want to show a good example to the assistant manager.

So last night I was pretty much in pain all night, even on the heavy duty pain killer. I went to get xrays at the hospital.  Nice thing about the hospital where I go, they opened up a 'diagnostic center' which means I don't have to go to the ER and wait.  I just get an order from my doctor, walk in, fill out the permission form and any other forms needed. I think I signed one, and because they were xraying my back, a pregnancy one.  I had to laugh at that, because I kept telling them J was in Afghanistan so I was pretty sure that I wasn't lol.  I think I had 5 different people ask me "are you sure you're not pregnant?" Yup...Pretty sure!
So they did a full spinal xray, just to make sure there are no compression fractures.

As I was writing this:
Since we were speaking of a supervisor position before....
Wouldn't you know that yesterday a supervisor position opened up. Grrrreat.  I was talking with my supervisor (who has become a good friend outside of work) and mentioned my concern about missing 3 days (even on FMLA) and how that would look to the assistant manager.  He said, not to worry, that she knew I was out on FMLA and was more worried about me being ok.  *WHEW!*

So, here I am working on my resume and cover letter and going to apply for the job.  Turns out they are hiring 2 supervisors (I finally have email access from home, which is nice - don't feel out of the loop now).

So, wish me luck on all fronts! 

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